Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Custom Made for Audrey

Audrey decided to have her oval shape monster shark with hood. Feel free to leave your comments.:D

Fan Moments

And this is Dani did to the sharks at the party. Very clever and nice. I've noticed that this Shark is having fun too! He is sipping some Margarita at the table. Pretty cool picture Dani. Thanks for sharing this picture. I love it!

Last two weeks ago, I have a customer asking me to make 4 sharks and she wants that to be there by Thursday July 23, So I made her 4 Sharks and mail it on Monday July 20 priority mail.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Custom Made for Cara - Cuptopus Water Bottle with Strap

This cuptopus is for a special buyer. If you need one just contact me via Etsy conversation. www.HandaMade.etsy.com and I'll be happy to help you. :D

Custom Made for Cara

This is going to be a cuptopus water bottle cozy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Front Page Curated by krysta(carvelcountrysoaps)

Wooohooo to all teamt, my apple jacket is on the front page. Thanks to Krysta. Visit her shop at

Friday, July 17, 2009

Humoctopus - Requested by beadcreed

Okay! This is the real final. I'm not happy with the eyes and the eyebrows and mouth that I just did recently. So this is I came out with the eyes and the eyebrows and the mouth . I think this time he looks like he's really mad humoctopus. You think? Feel free to comment....

Humoctopus - Requested by beadcreed

Here it is!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I used round beads for the eyes and small amount of yarn for the mouth. I will post this anytime this week. :D come visit my shop more often.

My Daughter Krischelle came to my house and ask me some few things in Crochet. So we crochet all in the afternoon and she finished one pear and i finished one pear too. I call mine Mr. Pear. The pear itself is 5.5" tall not include the stem. With stem is 7" tall and around is 12".

Humoctopus - Requested by beadcreed

And last, sapphire and silver blue.:D
This one is just brown.
The third picture is silver grey and pink.
Here's another another picture the color of the background are silver grey and aqua. This time the tentacles is attached to the body. That's another option.
This is the first picture as you can see i still attached with pins. The background I made sapphire and aqua. The tentacles of the octopus is not attached to the body.

Here is another request from me the other day July 14 and she gave the color of the octopus, the shirt, pants, and shoes. And this is i came out with. But if this is not she wanted, I will try another way. :D And there is always another way. I will make it possible to make my costumer happy:D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Front Page curated by juicygrahics

My cozy shark is on the front page. yeah! :D

Jumbo - Domo San for Apple jacket

Here is another one i like the best Domo and the mini Domo. :D
Now he his trying to be nice to apple. :D
Domo trying to eat this big apple. Wait! did Domo hate apple?

Okey! This is another custom made from Laurie , just finished it today. I got this email from Laurie and she asked me if I can make a big version of Domo San for her son, and I email her back that "sure I can make that for you" so here it is ta dah!

Front Page Curated by Ohmay

Wooohooo! thanks to May who curated the treasury and my apple jackets set is on that treasury. congratulation May. :D
Visit her shop at www.ohmay.etsy.com

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pink Domo San

Oh! no, Domo takes over the farm, poor little pig, and all other animals. :D

I know this is kind a weird. I made this Domo last night thought lets try make Pink Domo iPhone or iPod cozy this time. And here it is. ta da! :D I will post this on my etsy soon... Better check my shop handaMade.etsy.com

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Front Page Curated by EdensWake

I was in my computer and checking for the Treasury to be open and as I looking on the front page I noticed that one of our teamt is on the front page and my grey shark is on there too. Yeay!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Domo Water Bottle cozy

Here's my new Water Bottle Cozy - Domo San . I call this Domo San, some call it Domo Kun whatever you call it the same thing. Anyway, I listed this on my shop and you can visit him at www.HandaMade.etsy.com
Sorry the Klean Kanteen is not included.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Finally I finished all the three monster and here is their family pictures. :D
I think Domo doesn't want to have a picture taken so the two shark had to hold his hand.