Thursday, July 16, 2009

Humoctopus - Requested by beadcreed

And last, sapphire and silver blue.:D
This one is just brown.
The third picture is silver grey and pink.
Here's another another picture the color of the background are silver grey and aqua. This time the tentacles is attached to the body. That's another option.
This is the first picture as you can see i still attached with pins. The background I made sapphire and aqua. The tentacles of the octopus is not attached to the body.

Here is another request from me the other day July 14 and she gave the color of the octopus, the shirt, pants, and shoes. And this is i came out with. But if this is not she wanted, I will try another way. :D And there is always another way. I will make it possible to make my costumer happy:D

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