Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alaska Cruise August 31-Sept6, 2009

One of our tour guide full this piece of glacier out to the water. It is really clear. My son and my daughter try to hold a small piece.

And here some more pictures of us behind the glacier.

And here are some of the mushroom we took when we went to our photography tour in Juneau.

I love mushroom but some of this is not edible. It looks yummy! :D But bad for your tummy!:(

We are in Juneau and I took this picture of the glacier

At this point, I heard something jumping in the water and I'm just so excited seeing this fish (Salmon) jumping. As you can see I try to take picture of that fish and I missed it. :(

And I keep trying and just the tail I got , hardly to see if it's really a fish.

Still trying and finally, I decided to focus my camera were the fish squirming around.

As soon as I heard that sound here it is! My first stolen shot. I love it! :D

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  1. WOW!! Looks like a lot of fun! Looking forward to more pictures now!